Rare Opportunity: Limited Number of A Historic Angus Journey Available

September 14, 2009

A limited number of A Historic Angus Journey, the book by Keith Evans that chronicles the history of the American Angus Association® from its beginnings in 1883 to 2001, is available through the Angus Foundation.

Evans, who served the Association for 35 years, completed the book in 2001, following 16 years of research and writing. Today, it is considered the pre-eminent resource on Angus history in the United States, exploring the key events, decisions and people that led to the establishment of Angus as the largest beef breed in North America.

“This book is really a must-read for anyone interested in the history of the U.S. cattle industry,” says Bryce Schumann, Association CEO. “Not only is it an important piece of research, it’s also easy to read and entertaining as well.”

While supplies of these books are limited, both cloth- and leather-bound editions are available for purchase. These include a signed and numbered edition of leather-bound copies. The cloth-bound copies sell for $25 each and leather-bound sell for $50 each. The signed and numbered books sell for $150 each.

To order your copy, please contact Kris Sticken at [email protected] or 816-383-5100.