Rats And Mice Meet Their Doom In New Ways

Rats and house mice are a persistent problem.  According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), “Each year, rodents cause significant damage to property and food supplies across the United States.  In addition to damaging property, rodents may also spread diseases, posing a serious risk to public health.”‡

In 2008 the EPA challenged manufacturers of rat and mouse bait to develop and register new products and packaging that would be safer for children, pets and wildlife. To meet EPA’s new, more protective risk reduction goals, Farnam Companies, Inc., the maker of the Just One Bite®*† brand, is introducing seven new product configurations and packages.

Three new products are being introduced with the Just One Bite®† EX formula – two that are exclusive for use in agricultural locations and a prefilled, disposable bait station which is sold in both agricultural and residential retail locations for use in the home.  The active ingredient, bromethalin, is effective against Norway rats, roof rats and house mice, including anti-coagulant resistant rats and house mice, with less chance of secondary toxicity‡‡.  Just One Bite®† EX products contain Bitrex®, a bittering agent that acts as a deterrent to consumption by children and a green dye to indicate poison.  Due to the “Stop Feed Action”, rodents cease feeding after consuming a toxic dose, but it may take two or more days from the time of bait consumption for them to die.

  • Just One Bite®† EX Pellet Place Packs – 88, .75-ounce pellet place packs per four-pound bucket for use in agricultural locations.  No need to touch the bait; just place the packs according to label instructions wherever you need to control rodents.  Packets are sealed to keep bait fresh.  Rodents gnaw right through the package to eat the pellets inside.
  • Just One Bite®† EX Bait Blocks – 128, half-ounce bait blocks per four-pound bucket for use in and around agricultural buildings.  Each bait block has a hole in the center to facilitate mounting in bait stations.
  • Just One Bite®† EX Bait Station – Three disposable bait stations per package are each preloaded with half-ounce bait blocks and sold in both agricultural and residential retail locations for use in the home.  The moisture-resistant bait kills house mice in homes, apartments, garages and other residential structures.  The bait station’s low profile design allows easy placement behind stoves, refrigerators, under furniture, inside cabinets and in other hard to reach places.  Sold in packages of three for multiple placements throughout the home.

Four new package sizes of the popular Just One Bite®* II products are being introduced exclusively for use in agricultural locations.  The active ingredient in Just One Bite®* II products is bromadiolone, a highly effective anti-coagulant.  House mice and rats, including roof rats and warfarin-resistant Norway rats may consume a lethal dose in a single feeding.  Death is delayed four to five days so there is no bait shyness.

Farnam recognizes retailer and consumer concerns that rodenticides can become sources of insect infestation.  To prevent bait infestation by insects, Just One Bite®* II products are treated with (s) methoprene, an efficient insect growth regulator that prevents insects from reaching maturity and breeding in the bait, keeping the multi-grain bait palatable for house mice and rats.  Just One Bite®* II products also contain denatonium benzoate, the active ingredient in Bitrex®, as a deterrent to consumption by children.

  • Just One Bite®* II Bars – Eight individually wrapped one-pound bars per box.  Bars may be used whole or broken into two-ounce pieces to fit in burrows, runways and other hard-to-reach areas.  Bars feature nibble ridges to promote rat and house mouse chewing.
  • Just One Bite®* II Pellet Place Packs – 86, 1.5-ounce pellet packs per eight-pound bucket.  Rodents eat right through the packet, picking up the pellets with their front feet – like finger food for rodents.  Place packs fit in burrows, runways and hard-to-reach areas where rats and house mice live and breed.
  •  Just One Bite®* II Bait Chunks – Available in two package sizes – 64, two-ounce chunks per eight-pound bucket and 96, two-ounce chunks per 12-pound bucket.  Bait chunks feature nibble-ridges to promote rat and house mouse chewing.  Bait chunks are made with a center mounting hole; ideal for use in bait stations.

Give rats and house mice the one-two punch – purge heavy infestations with Just One Bite®† EX place packs or bait blocks, persist with Just One Bite®* II products to help prevent reinfestation and maintain ongoing control.

For more information on these new Just One Bite®*† products and packages visit www.farnam.com and click on Rodent Control.
Just One Bite®*†
Over the past 25 years, Just One Bite®*†, products from Farnam Companies, Inc., have become the name customers count on for do-it-yourself rodent control. “New safety measures announced by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will protect children from accidental exposure to rodent-control products.  These measures will also reduce the risk of accidental poisonings of pets and wildlife.”‡‡‡   All Just One Bite®*† products meet the new rules from the EPA:  All rodenticide bait products available for sale to consumers for home use must be sold with bait stations; second-generation anti-coagulants, including bromadiolone, must not be sold to consumers for home use; and bromadiolone rodenticides must be sold in packages of eight pounds of bait or more through agricultural, farm and tractor stores.  For information about Just One Bite®*† products in the U.S. call toll free at (800) 234-2269 or visit www.farnam.com.