R&D LifeSciences Opens Doors To Service Feeding Industry

March 2010, Menomonie, WI – R&D LifeSciences, LLC, has officially started business in Menomonie, WI, with a vast array of products specifically designed to benefit the livestock feeding industry. According to David Zehendner, President/CEO of R&D LifeSciences (R&DL), the company is strategically focused on producing innovative, quality products utilizing the company’s advanced biotech research to solve producer’s problems and offer them alternatives to increase their bottom line.

R&DL will offer a wide variety of feed-enhancement products including Zymace, an Aspergillus oryzae fungi digestive enhancer, Lactomace proprietary dried Bacillus subtilis, Aspergillus oryzae and Trichoderma viridae fermentation products, Protemacea unique line of custom egg globulin protein products, Flomace anti-caking agent for animal feed, Phytomace essential oil (oregano) and Bactomace direct fed microbial (Bacillus subtilis PS 105, Bacillus licheniformis PS 103 and Enterococcus faecium PS 404).

“Zymace is very similar to Amaferm (BioZyme) in appearance and performance,” Zehendner states. “We have developed a very palatable and cost-competitive Aspergillus oryzae (AO) product for the industry. The fact is that both Zymace and Amaferm utilize basically the same Aspergillus oryzae strain (AO strain 458). Zymace is manufactured using a multi-step fermentation process. The net result is that the products perform similarly. We feel we provide a competitive edge in manufacturing (made entirely in the U.S.), pricing and delivery compared to our competitors.”

Another product that R&DL management is extremely excited about is new Lactomace – a proprietary combination of dried Bacillus subtilis, Aspergillus oryzae and Trichoderma viridae fermentation products specifically designed and formulated to increase digestibility of feed by dairy cows, beef cattle and other ruminants as well as aid in digestion and feed utilization.

Application of certain active enzymes and fermentation products (e.g. Trichoderma viride, Aspergillus oryzae, Bacillus subtilis) to ruminant feed has been shown to increase carbohydrate availability and fiber digestibility, which contribute to increased rate of weight gain and feed utilization efficiency. “This is a unique combination of products for the dairy industry that we think will resolve many of digestion and feed utilization issues nutritionists are trying to address,” Zehendner notes.

Zehendner adds, “Our R&D team has also developed the first liquid formulation (patent pending) spray dried whole egg globulin protein product. This technology allows R&DL to develop farm-specific, all-natural products that can be administered via the watering system in dairies, poultry facilities, swine barns and feedlots. “This technology will change how livestock are administered egg globulin proteins. No one else currently has this technology,” Zehendner states.

R&D LifeSciences will offer their entire product line exclusively via feed product distributors, dealers and feed mills and are currently recruiting new dealers and distribution centers. “We want our entire product line sold through and serviced via feed dealers and feed mills,” concludes Zehendner. “With second-generation products already being developed, we feel this is the best distribution route for our product line to assure they are utilized correctly and are mixed/delivered as they were intended.”

R&D LifeSciences will offer product sales via their current strategic distribution partners International Nutrition, Inc. ( or 402-331-0123) and Nutra Blend LLC ( or 800-657-5657). R&D LifeSciences is also currently seeking qualified product distributors, dealers and feed mills to offer their complete line of feed and health products – Zymace, Lactomace, Protemace, Flomace, Phytomace and Bactomaceto livestock producers.

For more information on R&D LifeSciences, visit or call 877-874-0125 or 715-231-2150.