Real World 101 Event Showcases True Beef Profitability

Young and old alike will have an opportunity to see, in a real world setting, the direct relationship between feed efficiency, carcass cutability and profitability. The Iowa Limousin Association, Wulf Cattle, Morris, Minnesota, and Iowa State University, Animal Science & Meat Lab will host an innovative and unique educational seminar during the National Junior Limousin Show and Congress, Thursday, July 12, in Des Moines.

For the third year in a row, Wulf Cattle has participated in the University of Minnesota Carcass Merit Program. This year, three steers will be selected from the 2012 Wulf group of 40 head, currently on test at the Rosemount Research and Outreach Center, Rosemount, MN, for Real World 101. The Limousin, Lim-Flex and Angus steers will be visually appraised for optimum phenotypic breed characteristics and uniformity. The steers will be harvested and a side from each carcass will be fabricated into individual boxed beef. Participants will have a “front-row” seat as each carcass is evaluated and compared for red meat yield, quality grade, carcass weight and waste.

Dr. Stephanie Hansen, Assistant Professor, Animal Science, ISU, a ruminant nutritionist whose research addresses nutritional challenges facing Midwestern beef producers, will present the results of the overall feed efficiency study. Jim Venner, Iowa Limousin breeder and chairman of the Real World 101 project, will compare the carcass results, ultimately illustrating true profitability by factoring feed efficiency and value of retail product. Mike Holtzbauer, Meat Laboratory Manager, ISU, will use market pricing for the week to determine the total value of saleable product as well as cost of carcass waste and inefficiency.

Those in attendance will visually experience the real world beef industry challenge to consistently breed a beef animal with the genetic potential to efficiently convert less feed to more, high-quality lean red meat.

In addition, participants will see the precision technology used to measure feed efficiency during a tour of the ISU Ruminant Nutrition Research Farm currently conducting feed efficiency research. Dr. Hansen is part of a USDA multi-breed feed efficiency study and will show the 39 Limousin steers on feed for the first year of the five-year study.

Wulf Cattle is a diversified family-owned beef operation headquartered in Morris, Minn. Since 1955, Wulf’s have focused on genetically improving modern beef production through best management practices, technology and sound science. Wulf Cattle divisions include registered Limousin and Angus seedstock in Minnesota, stocker operation and feedyards in South Dakota and Nebraska.