Rock River Laboratory, Inc. opens new satellite laboratory in Wooster, OH

Rock River Laboratory, Inc. announces the opening of the company’s newest feed analysis laboratory location in Wooster, Ohio. The latest addition to the Rock River Laboratory enterprise provides consultants, nutritionists, and industry partners greater convenience and local industry knowledge combined with the accurate analysis, technical support and expertise, and the dedicated customer service that Rock River Laboratory is known for in the industry.

Utilizing wet chemistry and Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR), the new Rock River Laboratory-Ohio will offer key feed and forage testing analyses, including manure, Kernel Processing Score (KPS), Total Mixed Ration digestibility (TMRD), Neutral Detergent Fiber (NDF) digestibility, and the University of Wisconsin licensed Total-Tract Neutral Detergent Fiber Digestibility (TTNDFD©) among others. In addition to customer convenience, the Wooster location touts logistical ease to share faster analysis results to those located in the regional radius of the new laboratory. Rock River Laboratory-Ohio is collaborating with DHI Cooperative, Inc. in Wooster through a shared facility and is offering agriculture analysis to complement their services in Ohio and the surrounding areas.

“Our customers and partners are the core of our business. This expansion will help us better serve those located in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and New York at an even greater level,” says Zac Meyer, Rock River Laboratory’s Director of Operations. “We are excited to share our values and expertise with a localized laboratory and DHI team dedicated to those relationships.”


Featuring customer-service driven staff with regional industry expertise, the Rock River Laboratory-Ohio location will also continue to provide access to expert insights to accompany results analysis. 

“Offering our comprehensive digestion analyses at this location will open doors to better serve our eastern partners through accurate results coupled with expertise and support. We expect to help our customers achieve new success with their own customers and grow beyond,” explains Dr. John Goeser, Animal Nutrition, Research and Innovation Director for Rock River Laboratory.

The new Rock River Laboratory – Ohio is now accepting samples. Call (330) 462-6041 to set up an account.  Multiple sample shipping methods have been established for added convenience. UPS users should send samples to:

Rock River Laboratory

7861 E. Lincoln Way

Apple Creek, OH 44606


US Postal Service users should send samples to:

Rock River Laboratory

PO Box 1039

Wooster, OH 44691