Samson, LLC Acquires AgInfoLink, USA

AgInfoLink, USA, located in Westminister, CO, and Samson, LLC, are announcing the acquisition of AgInfoLink, USA by Samson, LLC and effective April 1, 2013.

The core vision of Samson-AgInfoLink, USA, a Columbus, NE-based company, will be to continue to develop agricultural services and systems that provide exceptional value for their customers. By combining the resources of the two companies, Samson-AgInfoLink, USA customers will be able to capitalize on a larger network of beef organizations, veterinary clinics, auction markets, ranches and feedyards. This network will focus on value opportunities that require identification and traceability as key components for export and domestic beef markets.

An example of this networking is the industry-leading Veterinary Quality Assurance (VQA) program. A 2011 Pfizer study identified an additional $13.35/head for cattle that were VQA brand verified. The VQA brand designates third-party verification of vaccinations, Beef Quality Assurance, ranch of origin and age. Other services include Non-hormone Treated Cattle (NHTC) for the European Union market, the Never Ever 3 for verified natural programs, risk management services and environmental quality documentation.