Simeks Honored for Generous Support of Angus Foundation

Philanthropists, visionaries, selfless, and dedicated. Four words that easily describe Ron and Myki Simek, Canyon Creek Angus LLC, Genoa, Nev., and Cody, Wyo., and their innumerable acts of generosity. Their understanding of the National Junior Angus Association (NJAA) and its significance to the future of the beef industry is a driving factor behind their monumental donations to the Angus Foundation.

“Ron and Myki are two individuals who are truly unselfish in character. Their support of the junior association through donations to the Angus Foundation, hosting the junior board at their Cody, Wyoming, ranch, and their encouragement of junior programs are examples of their sincere efforts to better the NJAA and the Angus breed,” comments Mallory Trosper, chair of the NJAA Board.

To honor their generosity to the American Angus Association® and the NJAA, Ron and Myki Simek were inducted into the Honorary Angus Foundation at the National Junior Angus Show (NJAS), July 19-25 in Perry, Ga.

Each year the NJAA selects exceptional supporters of the Angus industry to join the Honorary Angus Foundation. The inductees possess a profound dedication to Angus youth and serve as strong supporters of the NJAA.

“You don’t meet many people in the world who are willing to do what Ron and Myki have done for this Association. The Simeks are a couple that doesn’t hold back. They put forth 110% in everything they do,” says Trey Davis, the Foundation director for the NJAA board.

While Simeks are newcomers to the Angus breed, they are not strangers to the cattle business or the support required to foster future industry leaders.

Since Canyon Creek Angus LLC entered the industry in 1992, the Simeks have made significant financial contributions to the Angus Foundation, which directs its funds to youth, education, and research. Their most notable contributions have been as repeat purchasers of the Angus Foundation Heifer package, in 2006 and 2009.

The Angus Foundation Heifer program was designed in 1980 as a fundraiser for the NJAA and American Angus Association. Sold annually at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, the Foundation Heifer program has been a huge success.

Ron and Myki Simek astounded everyone in 2006, as they set a record purchasing the Foundation Heifer for $250,000. Their charity continued in 2009 with their second purchase for $92,500.

“The NJAA and its junior board of directors are truly grateful to have individuals like the Simeks involved in the Angus breed. Simply saying thank you is insufficient for their endless acts of generosity. Ron and Myki – you have made an impact larger than you may ever know,” Trosper states.

Simeks are an example of the character and determination of the many families within the American Angus Association. Their inspiring generosity and dedication is making an impact on the NJAA in immeasurable ways.