SSOP / HACCP Record Keeping System Provides Traceability for Country of Origin Labeling Law

NewswireToday - /newswire/ - Bradenton, FL, United States, 09/18/2008 - ScoringAg, Inc. announces its global web-interface electronic record-keeping database system for all state and federally inspected establishments, both slaughter and processing, red meat and poultry, for the real-time documentation of SSOP and HACCP.

ScoringAg, Inc. is continuing its reputation for once again being on the cutting edge of modern technology in the agricultural industry. Today, ScoringAg, Inc. announces its global web-interface electronic record-keeping database system for all state and federally inspected establishments, both slaughter and processing, red meat and poultry, for the real-time documentation of monitoring and verification procedures encompassing their implemented SSOP and HACCP plans.

Working with the professional computer science team within the information technology department at ScoringAg, Inc., Dr. Dwayne Hubbard of Georgia, a published authority on agriculture, animal health, food safety and USDA regulatory compliance, assisted in the development of this comprehensive, financially prudent and time-saving documentation system. ScoringAg, Inc. is the first company to recognize the overall need that inspected slaughter and processing establishments had involving the daily routine tasks surrounding their SSOP and HACCP documentation, which is directly associated with continual and stable regulatory compliance of even COOL records.

Five key benefits of implementing this simple and effective system as an integral part of your establishment are as follows:

1. The ScoringAg, Inc. system is the only record-keeping database that meets all compliancy requirements of Title 21, Part 11, of the Code of Federal Regulations.

2. This system is fully compliant with FSIS-USDA 9 CFR 416.16 (b) for maintaining SSOP records and 9 CFR 417.5 (d) for maintaining HACCP records.

3. This system is fully compliant with the FSIS-USDA record retention periods stated in 9 CFR 416.16 (c) for SSOP records and 9 CFR 417.5 (e) for HACCP records.

4. You will not have to be responsible for the backlog surplus of daily SSOP / HACCP records and forms. You contain all records on the secured global database servers, which is also accessible anywhere. Therefore, you can be away, but logon to the system and view the activities being conducted at your establishment in real time. This is also a beneficial system for people who have more than one establishment.

5. When FSIS-USDA assigns an Enforcement Investigations Analysis Officer (EIAO) to conduct a Food Safety Assessment (FSA) at your establishment, the review process should take a fraction of the time as typically known in the past. This is due to the comprehensive compiling and search features of the system. Therefore, if you need a specific record for a particular day, or even a six-month block of records, it’s just a few mouse clicks away. Additionally, due to the system compliancy with Title 21, Part 11, of the Code of Federal Regulations, the exact time and date of each recorded entry is logged exactly as an individual creates the record, therefore the question of the possible falsification of records never comes into place with FSIS-USDA.

The general complexity of this system is not to be misunderstood by its ease-of-use. We at ScoringAg, Inc. have developed this comprehensive, yet, simple to use, system for all sizes of establishments and employees in mind. Basically, the main points of concern regulated establishments possess are fully recapped and addressed as follows:

• Increased productivity and financial enhancement by alleviating the time-consuming upkeep of and storage of tangible records.

• Full data integrity is maintained within their secure dynamic global servers compliant with federal regulations.

• No software to download. Everything is conducted via web-interface in real-time.

• All necessary SSOP and HACCP documents routinely used daily are contained within the ScoringAg system and are updated with regulatory requirements as needed. There is no need to spend time developing, then subsequently editing and re-editing tangible forms ever again.

• Time-Date-Product stamp is placed in all records, therefore, no questions from inspectors or reviewers as to whether certain tasks were performs on specific days.

• Full product traceability by date or product designation itself. This is very helpful if the tragedy of a recall situation ever presents itself.

• Full document searchability by date and time. When a reviewer asks for you last six months of records, you can provide them in less than two minutes.

• Ten year archiving of all records.

• All SSOP and HACCP records can be created and maintained in the ScoringAg system typically for less then $25.00 annually per establishment.

In addition to the primary uses associated with SSOP / HACCP record-keeping and documentation, the ScoringAg, Inc. system can also easily address the issues of:

• The Country of Origin Labeling Law (COOL), which is require by regulation to be implemented and in current use by midnight September 30, 2008. The traceability of product throughout your establishment and co-mingling of specific covered commodities associated with labeling factors are easily remedied with this system.

• For slaughter establishments dealing with cattle, the process of determining the thirty-month age aspect by the commonly utilized procedure of examining the eruption and erosion of each animal’s teeth, associated with the regulatory BSE requirements is no longer a factor. This is because after the COOL implementation on September 30, 2008, all animals in the database system will possess legitimate birth records in accordance with current USDA regulatory requirements.

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