Summit Beef Livestock Facilities Now Available

Miles Ridgway, President of FBi Buildings, Inc., has announced that FBi Buildings Inc., has launched Summit Livestock Facilities as a DBA and brand of FBi Buildings, Inc.

According to Ridgway, the Summit Livestock Facilities brand and sales organization has been created to market FBi Buildings into those segments of the American livestock industries where animal confinement is required.

These include: beef, dairy, poultry, and other related operations requiring specialty livestock confinement facilities, such as animal buildings, feed and manure storage buildings, anaerobic digester buildings, etc.

Ridgway explains, “Today, livestock producers require more than a post-frame structure. For example, many of our monoslope beef barn customers depend on us for help through the entire construction process—from ascertaining the economic feasibility of their new or expanded operation, to help with lender presentations, permits and compliance, to turnkey construction management. And, when it’s time to actually build, they also depend on us for our integrated structural engineering services and subcontractor management, as well as our experienced manpower that can meet critical deadlines.”

Because that level of service is well beyond the scope of what builders typically provide, Ridgway points out that FBi Buildings has reinvented itself for the livestock segments. “As Summit Livestock Facilities, we are not just a qualified builder. We also provide consulting to help ensure customers make the very best, most well informed decisions possible. We have networked with the top consultants in the business as well as hired our own people with expertise in construction management, financial analysis and other areas.”

The current offerings of Summit Livestock Facilities include consulting support, facilities design and the construction of buildings such as monoslope beef barns, gable beef barns, dairy barns, cow/calf facilities, manure storage, hay storage, freestall barns, commodity storage, shops and much more.

While the buildings we market are branded as FBi Buildings, the Summit Livestock Facilities organization goes far beyond the design and construction process to include help in ensuring these facilities are designed and built for maximum long-term value to significantly enhance the ongoing profit potential of our valued livestock producer customers.

For more information, go to or call 800-213-0567.

About FBi Buildings, Inc.

FBi Buildings, Inc., is a post-frame design and construction company serving agriculture throughout the Midwest.

Since the founding of the business in 1958 by Edwin A. Bahler, FBi Buildings has led the post-frame industry in innovation, quality and responsiveness by maintaining centralized control over the entire process from planning, design, engineering, sales and construction. This provides total accountability for quality and enables FBi Buildings to respond quickly to customers’ needs.

For many years, FBi Buildings had a separate division that specialized in building churches. In 2003, this division became known as Aspen Group. Now a completely separate company with offices in Chicago and Indianapolis, Aspen Group provides single-source, architectural and construction solutions for churches.

Likewise, FBi Buildings had a total concept customer service process for beef and dairy producers for many years. In 2011, FBi Buildings launched Summit Livestock Facilities brand to better serve the needs of customers requiring livestock confinement structures and related facilities.