Superior Stampede and Mexico's Largest Cattle Union Join Forces

(Visalia, Calif.) - Superior Stampede, a division of Superior Livestock Auction, recently entered into a joint venture with the Union Ganadera Regional De Chihuahua (UGRCH), the cattlemen's union for the state of Chihuahua, Mexico. Under terms of the agreement, UGRCH will act as the "exclusive representative" for all cattle sold by Superior Stampede that enter the U.S. through Chihuahua ports of entry. The agreement will provide U.S. buyers with a consistent supply and improved delivery of Chihuahua cattle while improving online market accessibility for Chihuahua producers.

The state of Chihuahua is the largest cattle exporter to the U.S. in Mexico, averaging 400,000 head annually. According to Fernando Perez Pria, president of the Union, the partnership provides an opportunity to reach more of the U.S. market, including both small and large buyers who may not have tried Chihuahua cattle in their operations. As Superior Stampede's sole Chihuahua cattle representative, the Union will provide assurance that cattle described are the cattle received, streamlining each transaction and overcoming market obstacles that existed previously.

"Our cattle have the genetic composition and climate adaptability to meet the high beef grading expectations of American feed yards. This agreement puts us one step closer to reaching more U.S. buyers," said Perez Pria. "The Union's well developed infrastructure combined with Superior Stampede's solid enterprise and livestock marketing expertise, will ensure quality cattle and a smooth delivery for all parties involved. Three years from now and depending on market performance, this agreement could result in the sale of 120,000 to 150,000 head."

Qualified representatives from UGRCH with extensive knowledge of the cattle business, industry standards and exportation procedures will be responsible for collecting data for each transaction. This includes coordination of photos, lot descriptions, paperwork, consignment fees and other information. This information is then delivered to UGRCH's office where it is screened to ensure accuracy and feasibility of each delivery. Once the lot is approved by UGRCH, it is then reviewed and approved by Superior Stampede's U.S. representative in El Paso, Texas, Canutillo Management, Inc. (CMI). The cattle are then listed on Stampede's online auction. Once cattle are sold, UGRCH and CMI will arrange for delivery at one of three U.S. ports of entry from Chihuahua. These include Columbus and Santa Teresa in New Mexico, and Presidio, Texas.

"We are committed to using all of our resources to support UGRCH in this venture. We consider it an honor to be the marketing agency for the cattlemen of Chihuahua," said Bill Freeman, general manager of Superior Stampede. "An accurately defined product combined with a consistent and dependable delivery system will bring premiums to both buyer and the seller. With the structure and people already in place, we will make it happen."

According to Freeman, the goal is provide an exclusive "Mexican Cattle Auction" through daily online bidding and scheduled live auctions. In order to accommodate this venture, Superior Stampede has built a new, state-of-the-art Internet auction specifically for this partnership. It utilizes the latest Flash technology to allow for reliable real-time bidding and improved performance. Chihuahua cattle will be available online beginning in October.

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