WOODLAND, CA – Cal/West Seeds announces that the Third Edition “Teff Grass Crop Overview and Forage Production Guide” is now available on-line at their website:

Dr. Don Miller, a highly respected breeder and researcher of forage, has worked on developing teff grass for the last ten years. It is a summer annual forage developed for livestock and commercial hay growers who often need a fast-growing, high yielding crop with competitive forage quality.

The third edition guide is comprised of the latest teff grass growing information available. Miller says, “We’ve interviewed farmers who’ve actually grown teff grass and gathered their feedback from across the country to get their hands-on experience and observations. From these interviews, it appears dairymen like the results their getting.” The guide covers all aspects of growing teff grass including proper cutting heights and seed bed preparation – making sure that the soil is really firm. This guide re-emphasizes all the basic things for success in planting and harvesting teff grass.

A companion video featuring Dr. Miller describing teff grass applications is also available at The video describes how the initial emphasis in developing teff grass was to address getting more grass and fiber into the animal diet. It also notes that teff grass has been adapted all across the U.S. as hay, silage or pasture for dairy, beef or horses.

Dr. Miller has expressed that with this updated Guide and the teff grass video on the website, continues to meet the need as a centralized reference site. In his words, “It should become the “go-to sight for up-to-date information on teff grass.” Cal/West Seeds is the largest forage teff breeder in the U.S. and has created this site with grant support from the USDA for producers, extension agents and seed sellers.

Cal/West Seeds is the largest US grower-owned company devoted exclusively to development, production and marketing of seed. Cal/West Seeds is recognized around the world as a leader in forage breeding with over 70 years of experience.