Tractors Envisioned by Farmers Debuted to Farmers

Tractor Revolution Road Show Unveils Newest Technologies

DULUTH, GA (June 11, 2009) — Professional producers across North America are getting a first-hand look at a new generation of high horsepower rowcrop tractors they could envision only in their dreams five years ago. AGCO Corporation is debuting its newest models with growers at dealer locations throughout the United States and Canada. The Experience a Tractor Revolution road show will make more than 50 stops during its cross-country travels this year, previewing the tractors to as many as 900 growers per event.

The Experience a Tractor Revolution tour features an interactive presentation which details the creation of the Challenger® MT600C Series, Massey Ferguson® 8600 Series and AGCO® DT Series from farmer-directed concepts to the final product. Housed within a 53-foot mobile display trailer, the presentation recounts original grower input, displays the designer’s initial sketches and virtually builds the tractor as viewers watch.

“The Tractor Revolution road show is an eye-opening experience for agricultural producers because it demonstrates that AGCO truly listened to farmer requests and built these tractors based on their input,” says Rawley Hicks, marketing specialist for high horsepower tractors at AGCO Corp. “And the road show demonstrates the tremendous investment AGCO has in design and technology to develop the best tractors on the market, as well as the support and commitment the company has to our customers and our dealers.”

Virtually built as growers watch

As growers view the virtual build of the tractor, they watch it come together, from the chassis through the engine, transmission, rear axle, cab and sheet metal. A video explains the history of the AGCO SISU POWER® 8.4L diesel engines which power the 205 to 275 PTO horsepower tractors and then shows the engines being built in the company’s factory in Finland.

“We can’t take every customer to Finland, but we can bring our factory to them through the video,” Hicks relates.

The Tractor Revolution road show also gives growers an up-close and personal view of new heavy-duty continuously variable transmission (CVT) with industry-exclusive Dynamic Tractor Management (DTM). The fully functioning transmission is enclosed in a glass showcase allowing growers to watch it work as they put the transmission through its paces and experience the infinite speed control which is delivered without shifting, jerking or a delay in traction or power.

Growers also learn about the industry’s newest clean-air technology – e3 selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology – first introduced to agriculture by AGCO in 2009 as the most effective method of meeting current and future EPA emission-control requirements which are slated for 2011 and 2014. A display demonstrates how the technology treats exhaust after it passes through the engine to meet clean-air requirements while maintaining the engine’s full power and actually improving fuel efficiency by 15 percent compared to competitive technologies.

Simulated trip in fully functioning cab

Each visitor to the Tractor Revolution road show also has the opportunity to sit in the cab of the tractor and experience what it is like to operate the machine in the field.

The final presentation details the operation of the tractors’ optional guidance, automated machine management, field data management and precision farming technologies.

“These tractors not only provide growers with the features they’ve requested relative to power, ease of operation, ISOBUS compatibility and comfort, but by partnering with Topcon, we are able to equip the tractors with technologies growers can use to do a better job of managing their operations today and into the future,” Hicks adds.

The Experience a Tractor Revolution road show runs through 2010 and will visit AGCO, Challenger and Massey Ferguson dealers throughout the United States and Canada. Growers should watch for information on an event in their area or check with their local dealer. For more information on the new tractors available from AGCO, Challenger and Massey Ferguson visit your local dealer or, or