U.S. Armed Forces Orders 85 Bobcat S330 Loaders and Attachment Packages

(WEST FARGO, N.D. — June 2008) The Bobcat Government Sales Department in West Fargo has secured an order with the U.S. Armed Forces Contracting Division for 85 Bobcat S330 skid-steer loaders and attachment packages. The order was handled through a strategic partnership with Kipper Tool.

Mike Melroe, Government Sales Manager, says the machines are being staged in Lisbon, N.D., where they’re being prepared for delivery to U.S. military units in Afghanistan. Some of the machines could be sent overseas as soon as next week. “Twenty-five of them are considered a high-priority requirement,” Melroe says. “They will be put on planes. The remaining 60 will be sent on ships.”

The attachment package includes a trencher, snow v-blades, pallet fork and frame and bucket for each of the 85 loaders. According to Melroe, the loaders and attachment packages will be used by U.S. military units based in Afghanistan. "These machines will be used as a force multiplier, making individual soldiers more productive," Melroe says. “The loaders they ordered all come equipped with the top-of-the-line option package. These loaders will be ready to perform in any climate.”

The S330s are a step up from the Army's previous orders. “That is in line with an overall trend of people wanting compact equipment with more capabilities, which translates to larger machines,” Melroe says. “Typically, the Army has bought Bobcat S150s. They’re stepping up their requirements as well. They realize that their compact loaders do more than they anticipate, so they’re getting larger compact equipment with even more capabilities.”

Fifty years ago, Bobcat Company unleashed a way to work better, smarter, faster. During 2008, the company is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Bobcat compact equipment, which began with the Melroe Self-Propelled Loader — a three-wheeled front-end loader — in 1958. That machine evolved into the Bobcat skid-steer loader and spawned the worldwide compact equipment industry. Today, Bobcat continues to lead the world in the design, manufacture and distribution of compact equipment.

Bobcat Company, headquartered in West Fargo, N.D., is part of Doosan Infracore International (DII), a U.S.-based subsidiary of Doosan Infracore, a global manufacturer of construction equipment.

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