Cameron Robertson

Storage Company Owner, Supercheap Storage Northern Beaches Facility

Cameron Robertson is a young successful man living in the Northern Beaches area in Manly, New South Wales. He’s lived in the area for close to a decade since graduating from the Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand. He now has a young family and for all outward appearances, seems like a typical Aussie father who loves his barbecues on the weekend while chugging a pint or two, and who loves playing footie with the boys.


But besides the wonderful domestic life, things on the business front are slightly more exciting and eventful; and entirely in a good way. Cameron owns his own franchise business with the Supercheap Storage chain in Dee Why and he’s done well for himself the last few years getting to where he is with it now!


Cameron had his own version of “extensive” training in order to get to the position of own boss of the Dee Why outlet because he dropped his landscaping business to learn the ropes as a contractor with the Supercheap Storage chain.


Supercheap Self Storage has an interesting business concept that involves bringing the whole storage process closer to the customer - they utilise storage units which are portable and so saving the customer a lot of valuable time and money in having to find transportation alternatives. Cameron found that he was so impressed by the simplicity and the many benefits that he wanted to be a part of it.


Starting out in the outlets themselves and learning about the ins and outs of the business - from the packing and loading to the business and handling side, to even just the basics of how to handle storage and logistics of the mobile storage units, Cameron quickly learnt that the business opportunity was something that would not soon go away and he started saving up to buy his own license and start his own outlet.


Finally, one bright and sunny day in 2012, Cameron put down his money and obtained the official “go” to open up his own franchise and the outlet for storage Brookvale was born.


Cameron continues to learn as a contractor with his home base Supercheap Storage outlet and he relishes the opportunity to take in more information every day while on the job and translate it into something that he can also utilise and disseminate throughout his own outlet. With his staff relying on him for guidance, he’s not worried to get down into the ranks and show them how he learnt how to do things when he was (and actually still is) in their positions throughout the compound!


With that level of dedication and passion to succeed, it’s no wonder that he’s able to live a carefree life with his family; a hardworking man only has the fruits of his labour to enjoy at the end of the day, and Cameron definitely has a lot of fruits to reap! We’ll definitely see even better things come from the Supercheap Storage at Dee Why with him at the helm!

  • Current role(s)

    Director, Storage, Removal Expert, Storage, organizing, removal

  • Education

    Accounting and Commercial Law, Victoria University