Value-added Calves Made Easy

For the past six years, nearly 2,000 producers enrolled in AngusSource have had the opportunity to capture premiums — as high as $35 — with value-added calves through age and source verification. Confidence in the program has grown, with the addition of Gateway, increasing enrollments 97.7% in June 2011.

AngusSource functions through the American Angus Association® as a USDA process-verified program (PVP) that documents source, group age and a minimum of 50% Angus genetics.

A second-tier program of AngusSource, Gateway offers a cost-effective option for producers wishing to verify only the source and age of their calves, without the Angus-sired requirement. The AngusSource Feedyard Umbrella offers additional PVP coverage to feedyards and farmer feeders.

AngusSource strives to provide an avenue for as many producers as possible to market their calves as age- and source-verified. To accomplish this in an ever-changing industry, AngusSource is continuing to advance with improvements to the program.

Enrollment Forms

An updated enrollment form will increase the efficiency of information submitted and help producers capture the value of their Angus-sired feeder calves and replacement females. The form, AngusSource/Gateway Enrollment Form/Agreement (ENR 200/300), will allow producers to compile information including the number of females exposed, females who have calved and live calf numbers, in advance.

AngusSource staff will continue to verify cow, bull and calf numbers as well as discuss management practices, calving methods and other information about the operation with the producer.

Program Changes

The ENR 200/300 form will also include an affidavit stating the information provided is true and correct. This means producers only need to provide registration numbers instead of receipts for semen, and leased or purchased bred females.

AngusSource will continue to require breeding records, including registration numbers of all bulls used. This includes bulls already bred to purchased females, as well as owned and leased bulls.

The more records there are, the more calves AngusSource can potentially enroll. Producers should document events that are of risk to expelling calves from the program. Events may include exposure to an alternative bull or other cattle and artificial insemination to another breed.

For more information or to enroll in the AngusSource, Gateway or Feedyard Umbrella programs, call 816-383-5100 or visit

For more information contact:

Carrie Gilliam, communications coordinator, at 816-383-5100 or [email protected] or;

Ginette Kurtz, AngusSource quality manager, at 816-383-5100 or [email protected]

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