Vermeer Rolls Out New RancherTM 665 Baler

Vermeer rolls out a new heavy-built “right-sized” Rancher 665baler – designed for big bale performance, easy operation andsensible budgets.

The Rancher 665 baler combines smart design with Vermeer M-Series baler technology and can produce high-density round bales up to 66" in diameter (168 cm), 61" wide (155 cm), using smaller hp tractors. Maximum bale weight is 1,700 lbs/dry (771 kg). According to Vermeer Forage Marketing Manager Dan Belzer, the new Rancher 665 baler design fills a niche many cow-calf producers have been asking for – basically, the ability to produce bigger bales with a “right-sized” baler that requires less horsepower. “Now, with a minimum 60 hp tractor, every day cow-calf producers can roll up large-diameter bales, which they can easily move around with their medium-sized loaders. Also, because the Rancher 665 baler is 'right-priced', it’s very competitive with used late-model balers in the same class, which gives Rancher 665 baler owners the extra peace of mind of having new product warranty.”

Belzer adds, “the name depicts a no nonsense, tight fisted independent rugged individual similiar to how the Rancher 665 baler was designed.”

A state-of-the-art Bale Expert monitor provides instant baleforming information, control and operating conveniences right from the cab, including the option of real-time hay moisture reporting. Hi-resolution bale shape sensors, positioned on the outside belts, feed electronic bale-forming data to the monitor.

When the bale is finished, an optional netwrap system feeds net directly to the main belts. This eliminates the need for rubber feed rollers and feed belts, replacing them with a brake tension and friction feed system that (a) maximizes the number of bales per roll of net, (b) maintains tension on the wrap for a clean cut and positive grip when wrapping the next bale and (c) adjusts tension automatically, according to the size of netwrap roll. In addition, the operator can actually speed up the wrapping cycle by triggering the start of the wrap function, even as the bale is completing its final rotation within the chamber. The Rancher 665 baler handles both standard and over-width net.

The Rancher 665 baler is ruggedly built. It comes with a robust 5-bar pickup. Heavy-duty steel drive rollers help maintain belt tension. Hardened belt guides keep belts in line. A single hydraulic control is used to adjust bale density. Clean, separated belt design reduces potential buildup. Drop ‘n Go Bale Ejection eliminates the need to disengage and re-engage the PTO when dropping a bale. A robust, single arm center-pivot, electric twine-tie system (standard), with dual feed, is easy to thread, maintain and monitor.

Upper drive, lower drive and starter rollers are built “through the wall” for added strength, durability and ease of maintenance. Heavy-duty shaft/bearing combinations extend wear-ability and chain/sprocket life; and they’re easy to replace and maintain. Additional features include optional spring-loaded bale ramp, 6-ball twine storage, standard highway light assembly and optional work lights. Minimum tractor horsepower is 60 hp (48 kW) (75 hp (56 kW) is recommended). Hydraulic requirements: one pair of auxiliary remote outlets; 2000 psi, 10 gpm flow; and 12 VDC power source (30AMP).