Veteran Nutrition Management Specialist Forms Nutritional and Sales Consulting Service

April 2009, Lakeview, MN – Veteran nutritional sales and management specialist Bruce Parker forms Bruce Parker Ag Consultants, Inc. – a full service agricultural and nutritional consulting service specialized in sales training, product development, marketing enhancement programs and distribution networking services.

With headquarters in Lakeview, MN near Minneapolis, Parker has more than 20 years in the agricultural nutrition and product distribution industry. His core business will be focused on helping companies enhance product distribution into new opportunity markets, teaming customers with better alternative products, sales and technical product training, sales force development, entering international markets and direct marketing opportunities.

“There are a lot of great products in our industry that don’t see the light of day because the company does not have the skills or distribution contacts to put the product on the market,” says Parker. “I have spent my entire career helping companies like these bring their products to fruition. I have assembled an excellent team of seasoned professionals in agricultural-specific marketing and sales training and am working directly with multiple clients in reaching unique domestic and international markets.”

For more information about the services and programs offered at Bruce Parker Ag Consulting, Inc., log on to or by calling Bruce Parker at 530-200-2690 or emailing at [email protected]