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Here’s a roundup of our latest BEEFTV videos.

BEEF editors regularly post new videos on production and policy issues in our multimedia library page at, so check back often. Here are a few of the latest:

• Significant Changes Coming In Estate Taxes
Unless Congress does something to change it by Dec. 31, the per-person exemption from estate taxes is set to take a big plunge in 2013. Individual exemptions will drop from $5 million to $1 million. Robert Gunther, CPA and tax specialist with Frost PLLC in Little Rock, AR, discusses the coming changes and the prospects for Congress to take action.

• Feed Efficiency Questions Answered
Dan Shike, University of Illinois assistant professor of animal science, discusses how feed efficiency fits into a commercial cattleman’s selection and management programs.

• Start Monitoring Early for Pasture Weed Control
Rain has returned to parts of the South. That welcome event, however, may usher in a new flush of weeds for pasture and forage producers this spring. Roxy Gutschenritter, who heads up the range and pasture team for DuPont, is advising growers to begin checking pastures early to control winter annuals and early-emerging broadleaf weed species.

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