Edmonton, Alberta Canada, October 21, 2008 - Viewtrak Technologies Inc., today announced that it has executed an extended development agreement with Shuanghui Industry Group (Luohe, Henan Province, Peoples Republic of China).

Shuanghui is the largest meat processor in China with 45,000 employees and sales in excess of CDN $6 billion. “This agreement stems from 3 ½ years of success working with Shuanghui in the area of individual animal data collection” stated Jake Burlet, Viewtrak President and CEO. “Viewtrak’s technology solutions have delivered as promised in the Chinese environment as they have in other geographies and markets around the globe”, Burlet went on to say. “The same issues face livestock producers the world over; increasing costs of production and labor coupled with food safety regulatory requirements are making it more difficult to compete. Sustainability must come from value added livestock production”.

The Development Agreement was signed at the Canadian Embassy’s Alberta/China office in Beijing in the presence of Honorable George Groeneveld, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Government of Alberta. Minister Groeneveld is currently on a trade mission to Asia promoting increased trade with China, Hong Kong and Japan. A key component of the mission is introducing Canadian trading partners to Alberta’s newly formed Alberta Livestock and Meat Strategy.

The Development Agreement between Shuanghui and Viewtrak is to expand Shuanghui’s data collection capabilities across their pork supply chain. Viewtrak supplies IT infrastructure (software and hardware) which allows Shuanghui to capture value added information for each animal that is produced and processed. The data collected, which includes carcass quality and value information as well as veterinary health data, is shared with producers. Shuanghui has a positive working relationship with all of its suppliers as collectively they strive to continuously improve their product to meet market demands.

“Food safety and food quality is as important an initiative in China as it is in other countries” stated Mr. Zhijun Yang, Director Shuanghui Industry Group.

Minister Groeneveld commented that the relationship between Shuanghui and Viewtrak is an excellent example of how Alberta and Chinese businesses can co-operate for mutual benefit. The minister stated that Viewtrak’s world class technology for livestock supply chain information gathering and management aligns well with Alberta’s direction for establishing value added livestock production.

About Viewtrak Technologies Inc.

Viewtrak Technologies Inc. provides source verification, traceability and information management services to the agribusiness sector. These services are in response to domestic and global marketplace demand for foodstuffs of known origin and production practices. By leveraging animal identification and information management to add value for livestock producers, Viewtrak captures lost opportunities and efficiencies. Viewtrak systems provide for additional value creation across the supply chain by delivering source verification and traceability information to support retail product claims for domestic and international markets. Viewtrak has customers across Canada, United States, Mexico, China, United

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