World Ag Expo announces Top-10 New Product Attendees’ Choice Award

Tulare, Calif., (AgPR) – The More than 2,000 votes were cast in the inaugural World Ag Expo Top-10 Attendees’ Choice Award and with 570 votes and an average of 4 stars per vote, Magswitch Magnets is the winner.

Distributed by Forney Industries, Inc., Magswitch Magnets feature the world’s most advanced switchable magnetic technology. They offer farmers and ranchers a faster, more precise and easier-to-use alternative to clamp, hold, position or lift ferrous steel for fabrication, welding, wood working projects and general repair projects.

The magnetic force of these light-weight magnets, which is up to five times greater than other magnet systems, holds up to 250 times their own weight. Comprised of permanent magnets, Magswitch Magnets require no batteries or electricity to operate. The user controls deployment of the magnetic force from off to on with a simple 180 degree turn of a knob.

World Ag Expo show management announced the Attendees’ Choice Award in January 2010 to allow attendees to determine which Top-10 New Product was the most innovative. A five-star rating system was used to select the product that most deserved the award. Prior to the expo, attendees voted online and during the expo votes were cast at the New Product Pavilion.

“Our committee selected 10 great products to receive Top-10 New Product awards, but left it to our attendees to decide which product deserved the Attendees’ Choice Award,” said Bernie Cargle, 2010 World Ag Expo Chairman. “We applaud Magswitch Tools and Forney.”

Planning for World Ag Expo 2011 is already in the works. The 44th annual expo, scheduled for February 8 – 10, 2011, and themed Tools for Agri-Business will once again introduce the most innovative and interesting in ag products to the global community in effort to provide solutions for farmers and ranchers looking for new technologies and solutions.