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Gripple World Ag Top 10 New Product: Gripple Dynamic 6 

Gripple is an all-in-one wire joiner and tensioner for wire fence and trellis, eliminating the need for ratchet strainers and come-alongs. The new Dynamic 6 fastener is a World Ag Top 10 New Product featuring an additional locking mechanism to prevent movement on the wire in dynamic vibration and wind situations.

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Keystone/Redbrands Truly American-Made Since 1889

Red Brand is the only wire ag fence that is 100% manufactured in the U.S. from start to finish. The process begins with recycled steel that is melted to exacting standards at our Peoria, IL steel plant, so we know what goes into every ounce of steel we use to manufacture Red Brand fence. This means that every line wire and vertical wire meet the same specs every time for consistently reliable, quality products. You can trust Red Brand for safety, security and real peace of mind.

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Parker McCrory Parmak Adds New Electric Fence Items in 2013 

To complement it’ technically advanced electric fence chargers, Parmak has added over 32 new electric fence items, including a full line of insulators for Rod Posts, Steel T-Posts and Wood Post, a wide selection of step-in posts and expanded High Tensile fence accessories including Fence Wire Strainers, Heavy Duty Tension Spring and complete selection of High Tensile Crimping Sleeves, Taps and Crimping Tool.

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Pivotal Fencing Flexible Post 

The Pivotal Post from Pivotal Fencing Systems makes cross-fencing center pivots possible without building gates or letting wires down to allow the sprinkler to pass through fences. See the Pivotal Post in action at and select the link "Watch the Pivotal Fencing System in Action."

For more information, visit or call 970-848-5500.


Priefert Manufacturing Priefert Fence 

Two great options for durable, attractive no-weld fencing! Priefert’s Ranch Rail is an all steel fence. Priefert’s Ponderosa Fence features steel rails with predrilled, pressure-treated wood posts. Architectural Grade Powder Coat finish over galvanized tubing. Rail-in-rail "swedge" connection allows fencing to follow the contour of the land.

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TruTest Electric Fence Energizers & Accessories 

Tru-Test is your complete source for a full range of electric fence energizers and accessories. Trust our professional Speedrite or Stafix products, or our Patriot items, to provide the right product for your operation. We have the world's largest energizer, the world's only universal energizers - the UNIGIZER™ (AC, DC & Solar -- all-in-one unit), and so much more.

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Twin Mountain Virtually Indestructible!

Fiberglass Sucker Rod Posts  Flexible, Dependable, Durable!
• Non-conductive, no insulators needed
• Custom lengths and hole spacings
• Works w/ cotter pins or torsion springs
• 6’ tall x 1” diameter – SR7215 (other sizes available)

Order online or call:
(800) 527-0990 • San Angelo, Texas


Worksavers Worksaver, Inc.

This hydraulically driven bale unroller features a frame constructed of 4x4-ft.-sq. tubing with a tapered forged spear for easier penetration into bales weighing up to 2,000 lbs. Designed to fit Category II, or Category III 3-pt. hitches (Including quick hitches), this hay management tool requires a minimum of 8-10 gpm at 1,500 psi to operate.

For more information, visit or call 217-324-5973.