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Drought Has A Spiritual Connection To It

We've all seen how even the most secular of men will turn to prayer in times of drought. Those of us in ag have to accept the fact man isn't entirely in charge. When dealing with Mother Nature and biological things, a lot is outside management's control.

This somehow combines to give us a better glimpse of faith. And I have to believe, when compared to other lines of work, it provides a better understanding of the fact there's a higher order of things that occurs outside that which is easily quantifiable.

In a drought, you're especially reminded of the "footsteps in the sand" story and how, at the most difficult times, the Lord was there to carry you. I suspect every man needs to go through a severe drought or two; a rancher or farmer typically gets the added bonus of a few more. It's a test we wouldn't wish on our enemies, but when the rains come and the sun shines we find ourselves in a far better place than the one where we started. For that, we must be thankful.
-- Troy Marshall

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