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Fly The Flag On Monday To Honor The 9-11 Fallen

In the days, weeks and months following Sept. 11,2001, the U.S. was awash in heartbreak, and unified in its mourning of the incredible losses sustained as the Pentagon burned, the World Trade Center towers collapsed and a pitched cockpit battle between killers and victims sent a passenger plane slicing into the Pennsylvania earth.

Much more than human life was lost in that fateful day. In the frame of about 1 hour and 15 minutes, the security of a nation and a people largely untouched by the senseless terrorism that had become all too common across the rest of the world was violently shaken. Life hasn't been, and never will be, the same.

Americans stood shoulder-to-shoulder in the aftermath of those acts in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. I still remember how quiet the world seemed for about four days when all air traffic was shut down over the U.S. Do you remember the feeling of solidarity among all Americans? The sea of red, white and blue that was the millions of U.S. flags waving in front of homes and buildings, draped from highway overpasses, and displayed on vehicles and clothing.

Monday, Sept. 11, marks the fifth anniversary of that horrific day when terrorists killed almost 3,000 in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. In honor of these 9/11 victims, their families, friends and loved ones, as well as those involved in the front lines of this ongoing struggle, Americans are being asked to fly the U.S. flag on Monday.

God bless America.
-- Joe Roybal