Safe Cattle Hauling

A lot of bruising can occur as calves are being hauled to market. Here are some points to consider to give them a safe and smooth ride.
· Start, stop and go around corners slowly when transporting cattle.
· Minimize overcrowding. This is a big issue that can increase livestock stress and the potential for bruising, especially if cattle have horns.
· Haulers should not only load by weight, but consider the strength of the animals, frame size, muscling, if animals have horns, etc.
· Consider weather conditions in determining when to haul cattle; for instance, drive at night or early morning to avoid heat stress. Or, if dealing with cold stress, plug some ventilation holes in the trailer to minimize wind chill.
· Identify injured or potential downer animals prior to loading. Such animals shouldn't be transported. The guidelines also suggest weaker animals be transported near the rear so they're easier to unload if injured in transit.