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A Cowboys Mother's Day Poem Mother’s Night Dreams

One cowboy celebrates him mom with a short Mother's Day poem.

What can a poor, broke cowboy do for his mom on Mother’s day,
When he’s out on that ol’ lone prairie, and she is far away?
‘Cause day work sure don’t pay much, and he hates to call collect.
And it worries him a whole lot, ‘cause he sure can recollect

All the things he put her through in his wilder days:
Late nights out, and getting’ hurt, didn’t seem to faze
Her, because a mother’s kind of love endures all of that stuff
And a phone call and an “I love you’” never seems enough

To show how much he loves her and a mom’s love is unique:
A kiss at night, a gentle touch, a tear drop on her cheek
When her cowboy son says “I gotta go,” and disappears from sight.
She’ll stay awake worryin’ about him late into the night.

If he had dough, he’s buy a card and a postage stamp,
But why? there’s not a mailbox within two day’s ride of camp.
What to do for mom on Mother’s day, there’s just one thing is seems,
That’s to share the love they have in their Mother’s Night dreams.