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Valentine's Day The Cowboy Way

Valentine's Day The Cowboy Way

The middle of February is not a real good time,
for cowboys to be thinking ‘bout hearts, roses and wine.
‘Cause it’s not all that romantic when your boot has sprung a leak,
Your jacket’s getting moldy, and that note comes due next week.

When the cows are sloggin’ through the snow, or in mud up to their knees,
And your man spends all day out with ‘em, ladies won’t you please,
Cut that guy a little slack on Saint Valentine’s Day,

When he comes in all frozen from checkin’ calves and feeding hay
And didn’t get you candy, or a store bought card.
It’s not that he doesn’t love you; it’s just kind of hard,
For him to get into a passionate mood, and I know it isn’t fair,
That he’ll come to eat then fall asleep sitting in his chair.

And leaves you a mess of muddy boots and a pile of hats and gloves,
Understand it’s not intentional, ‘cause you are the one he loves.
And it’s hard for him to show it, its part of being tough.
To a cowboy’s way of thinking, it’s more than enough

To say that he really loves you, give you a hug and a quick kiss
Then go out and check the heifers, be ready or you’ll miss
Your cowboy’s gift for you, on St. Valentines day.
He really, really loves you, it’s just the cowboy way.