Love of the Land

It’s a hard feeling to describe,
this emotion that swells inside.
Each time I fondly gaze,
on the land where I was raised.

I see memories of happy times,
and hear the laughter so clear.
I smile as I remember –
and can almost touch the images so near.

I also get a little sad,
when thinking about those that are gone.
I feel so close to them here
on the land we all lived on.

The thing is you can’t describe it
to those that put money before all.
It’s not the monetary rewards that make you
feel the pride, the love, the call.

But for those who do understand,
these lines are meant for you
We have been blessed with a good life
and a satisfied feeling known to so few.

So when you say your prayers,
and thank the Good Lord above,
Remember to add how thankful you are
to be safe and free on the land that you love.