Analyses for Multiple Genetic Abnormalities Analyses for Multiple Genetic Abnormalities Now Available from IGENITY®

Industry’s most comprehensive list of DNA analyses for genetic abnormalities

DULUTH, Ga. — July 7, 2009 — IGENITY® now has the beef industry’s most comprehensive list of DNA analyses for seven genetic abnormalities.¹ This list consists of both Neuropathic Hydrocephalus (NH) and Arthrogryposis Multiplex (AM) as well as Coat Color Dilution (DL), Idiopathic Epilepsy (IE), Osteopetrosis (OS), Pulmonary Hypoplasia Anasarca (PHA) and Tibial Hemimelia (TH).

“IGENITY is committed to providing beef producers with user-friendly DNA technology solutions to their breeding, selection and management needs,” says Dr. Stewart Bauck, executive director of research and development, IGENITY. “This is why IGENITY now offers beef producers with the most comprehensive list of genetic abnormalities, in addition to DNA analyses for 15 economically important traits and more.”

Each abnormality has a specific, often recessive, pattern of inheritance, which means cattle can be carriers of the defect and appear normal. This also means two carriers must be mated to result in an affected calf.

“We may be able to get clues about the presence of these abnormalities in cattle through pedigrees, but the only way to know for certain is to analyze their DNA,” Dr. Bauck says. “A simple test can potentially save a lot of lost time and money.”

He adds that several of these abnormalities affect breeds that also conduct parentage work with IGENITY, providing another level of convenience.

“Shorthorn breeders, for example, can now test for the presence of TH and PHA with the same sample they use for parentage identification, and the best news is they can now expect a faster turnaround time,” he says. “Since IGENITY also has analyses for more than 15 economically important traits, producers can gain a wealth of information all from a single DNA sample.”

IGENITY is currently accepting all types of DNA samples for evaluating these abnormalities — tissue, hair, blood and semen — with the exception of OS, which is restricted to blood. Most samples submitted within the past six months can be reanalyzed for genetic abnormalities. Producers can order sample collection kits and download any necessary breed association forms for submitting results at

In addition to analyses for seven genetic abnormalities, IGENITY offers analyses for 15 economically important traits, including the only available DNA analyses for maternal and reproductive traits; the most complete list of carcass traits; the only feed efficiency analyses for both Bos indicus and Bos taurus cattle; and more.¹ IGENITY also offers user-friendly information management software and expert consultation to help producers customize this advanced information to their individual herd goals.

“With IGENITY, producers can be confident they are working with a company that continues to provide the beef industry with the latest advancements and innovation in DNA technology,” Dr. Bauck says. “This list of DNA analyses for genetic abnormalities is simply the next answer IGENITY has for beef producers.”

For more information, contact your IGENITY sales representative, call 1-877-IGENITY or visit

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