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New VFD software available

JOETEX1/iStock/Thinkstock cattle at pasture feedbunk
New VFD applications for smartphones and tablets keep working to simplify the increased recordkeeping of veterinarians under the Veterinary Feed Directive.
Veterinarian software from two companies aims to help with VFD recordkeeping.

Two companies recently announced new software to help veterinarians manage the increased paperwork from the Veterinary Feed Directive.

One, from New Planted Technologies, is a broad-purpose platform. The other, from Zoetis, is tailored to that company's two specific fed-antimicrobial products, both labeled as Aureomycin.

New Planet Technologies says its mobile application is now available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play store. This powerful, new mobile application is the first of its kind. It offers RxExpress and SmartICVI users the ability to write Veterinary Feed Directives (VFDs), prescriptions, health papers, and submit Coggins and other laboratory testing directly from their mobile phones or tablets, even when there is no internet connectivity available.

Company President and CEO Tyson Hartshorn says the company is working to provide progressive veterinarians a single, innovative tool that saves time and manages compliance in a way that their clients will notice.

Business and Enterprise level users of RxExpress ( or SmartICVI ( can download and use the application at no additional cost.

Zoetis has introduced a mobile application for use on smartphones to help simplify the process of writing a VFD for Aureomycin (chlortetracycline) or Aureo S 700 (chlortetracycline/sulfamethazine) for their cattle clients.

The free VFD mobile app from Zoetis allows veterinarians to:

  • Easily download and register for the app at no charge.
  • Enter client information.
  • Ensure appropriate product indications based on animal health need, for seamless VFD development. 
  • Access product information and combination clearances.
  • Quickly calculate drug levels per ton for the ration with a feed additive calculator.
  • Easily access previously issued VFDs.

The mobile application generates a PDF that can be emailed to clients and feed distributors, further enhancing convenience and reducing unnecessary time and paperwork. The app saves the VFD in the veterinarian’s account, should it need to be reissued for the same client in the future.

The app is available now for iOS (iPhone) or Android phone operating systems. The links, when opened on a mobile device, will take you directly to the app store for your device. Or you can also search for "My VFD app" in iTunes or "Zoetis VFD Management" in Google Play.

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