All-Access Moms Tour Promotes Beef Industry

Educating consumers is an important aspect in boosting beef demand.

Ensuring the public understands the level of care and diligence that Canada's beef cattle producers take in raising beef can be a challenge given there's no dearth of anti-agriculture information available today. A compounding factor is that food production is a mystery to many as today's consumer is often far removed from the farm.

McDonald's Canada is helping consumers cut through the clutter by ensuring that they receive the factual information regarding the production of McDonald's food.

One approach under the McDonald's strategy is the All-Access Moms Program. As part of this initiative, McDonald's invited parenting expert Nanny Robina out to farms to see for themselves how the food that is served at McDonald's is produced. Participants visited beef and potato farms and processing facilities, as well as a chicken-processing facility during the 2011 All-Access Moms tour.

As the largest purchaser of ground beef in the Canadian restaurant industry (McDonald's purchases 66 million lbs. annually), information about beef production figures prominently in the All-Access Moms Program.

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