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New app features reproduction management info, BEEF news

New app features reproduction management info, BEEF news

New app brings reproduction management info to your pocket.

Ever been out in the pasture and had a question on your cow inventory or breeding management? Now, there’s an app for that.

University of Tennessee (UT) Extension IT Specialist Brad Greenfield and UT Extension Beef Cattle Specialist Justin Rhinehart have developed an app designed to help beef producers manage their breeding and genetics programs from a mobile device. But the UT Beef Repro app does much more than that. It’s a portal to Extension videos, a management calendar and the latest news provided by BEEF and Beef Producer.

According to Greenfield, here’s part of what the app can do for you:

  • Breeding stock inventory
  • Calving group inventory
  • Calving list inventory
  • AI protocol management for cows and heifers
  • Instant access to management resources such as monthly beef cattle Integrated Resource Management calendar; links to UT beef and  forage videos; and links to articles from BEEF and Beef Producer

According to Greenfield, by using technology to enhance the traditional Extension model, beef producers have a tool they can use any time they have a question or are looking for a management solution, anywhere they might be, right in their pocket, on their belt or sitting on the pickup seat beside them.

And they’re just beginning to develop new approaches to help beef producers. “We view this as the beginning of our offerings when it comes to management applications,” Greenfield says. “We are looking for ways to grow the Beef Repro app and are involved in discussions as to what our next project will be.”

You can download the Beef Repro app at the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Greenfield welcomes feedback on how to make the Beef Repro app more useful, as well as ideas on future projects. You can find his email address in the info section of the app.

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