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Beef Checkoff Debuts New Beef Cuts

The checkoff-funded Beef Innovations Group (BIG) has debuted six new cuts from the beef round, part of its effort to maximize yield, add versatility and increase profitability for producers.
“Past work on the chuck subprimal had yielded benefits to all segments of the industry, and the muscles of the round offer the next frontier of innovation and additional value,” says Jim Ethridge, BIG senior director.
The six new cuts are:

  • Santa Fe Cut – similar to a flank steak, perfect for fajitas, stir fry or for shredded beef.
  • Round Petite Tender – flavorful, best cut into medallion steaks, offers a restaurant-quality experience on a bed of pasta or a roast for two.
  • San Antonio Steak – a ½-in. lean steak, versatile and cooks fast, works well with a marinade.
  • Tucson Cut – the perfect lean cut for food-service operations looking for value.
  • Braison Cut – ideal for any braising application and makes a great osso buco or pot roast.
  • Merlot Cut – deep red color, lean and flavorful, ideal for a variety of ethnic dishes.