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Beef checkoff unveils “Nicely Done, Beef” videos

Beef checkoff Nicely done
The beef checkoff is reaching out to consumers as they catch up on their favorite shows on Hulu. With a new series of videos, these catchy ads are sure to inspire some beef meals this summer.

Critics of the beef checkoff often fail to recognize the real and tangible ways the dollar investment is working to boost beef demand to urban consumers. While we’re busy working on our ranches, the checkoff is being utilized to reach our foreign and domestic customers.

Whether that’s promoting offal and variety cuts overseas, coordinating media interviews to slow down the constant barrage of misinformation about beef in the news, working with physicians, nutritionists and dietitians to get factual information in front of them and subsequently offered to their patients, discovering new beef cuts through new research, studying ways to improve best management practices or appealing to consumer taste buds with incredible imagery and videos, the beef checkoff is an investment that coordinates these efforts in ways that we simply could not do on our own.

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Clearly, the checkoff can’t overcome the cyclical nature of beef production. Cattle prices will always be subject to changes in beef supply. But as we’ve seen, anything we can do to increase demand can strengthen the ups and soften the downs of the cattle market.

In a new promotion, the beef checkoff has unveiled a series of videos that will “help sell the sizzle” during summer grilling season.

According to the beef checkoff and published by Perishable News, “Beef. It's What's For Dinner. is proud to release a series of nine new videos as part of our ‘Nicely Done, Beef’ campaign. These bold videos incorporate drool-worthy, dinner-inspiring footage and simple, smart banter to reinforce the idea that dinner will always be more when there's beef.

“The beef checkoff is investing in a robust digital media plan to help drive traffic to your stores during the peak summer grilling season and beyond. The spots will appear on Hulu during premiere programming such as ‘This Is Us,’ ‘Modern Family’ and ‘Black-ish,’ on premium publisher sites such as,, and, and as TrueView ads on YouTube.”

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View the Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner. newsroom by clicking here.

In addition, the beef checkoff is offering these short videos at no cost to be used on social media, in stores or in shopper newsletters. To access these videos, send a note to [email protected] to receive the downloadable versions.

The videos can also be watched on YouTube by clicking here.

The series of videos include a 3-minute clip of a steak sizzling in a cast iron pan, a 6-second clip of a steak on a charcoal grill, a group of friends enjoying steak tacos, a couple slicing into steaks on an outdoor patio, a body builder making a green shake while his buddy chows down on some beef, a child getting excited about beef wellington, a man serving up some beef stew in the comfort of his own home, an outdoor barbecue with someone manning the grill and a short ad about beef short ribs.

Using the tagline, “Nicely done, beef” and referencing our favorite beef campaign music and famous, “Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner” to close the ads, these are fun and catchy. I imagine they’ll stand out in the ads consumers watch as they catch up on their favorite shows on Hulu this summer.

In viewing the ads, I say, “Nicely done,” to the folks at the beef checkoff. Check them out yourself and let me know what you think!

The opinions of Amanda Radke are not necessarily those of or Farm Progress.


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