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Charting the future: National Beef Quality Audit results

For the past 25 years, the National Beef Quality Audit has charted the path forward for producers. Here are the highlights of the latest audit.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. That quote by Peter Drucker is as true today as it was when first uttered. That’s especially true in the beef business.

That’s why the National Beef Quality Audit has been such an important program for beef producers. Starting 25 years ago, the results of the audit, conducted every five years, have shown beef producers where they are excelling and where they still need to improve in producing high quality beef for consumers worldwide.

This edition of the Beef Roundtable explores those questions and more. This video delves into the issue with Dan Kniffen and Deb VanOverbeke. VanOverbeke is a meat scientist from Oklahoma State University and one of the principle investigators for the last two National Beef Quality Audits. Kniffen is a beef producer and beef cattle Extension specialist from Pennsylvania State University. He is chairman of the National Beef Quality Assurance Advisory Board and was a key leader in the latest National Beef Quality Audit.

The Beef Roundtable is a joint project with BEEF and Purdue University. It’s a monthly video podcast that features some of the top leaders in the beef industry co-hosted by Ron Lemenager, Extension beef specialist at Purdue University and BEEF Senior Editor Burt Rutherford.

In addition to being available on, the sessions can be viewed at, on the Beef Roundtable YouTube channel and iTunes.

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