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Expert Presents The Facts Of Lean Finely Textured Beef

Get the facts on lean finely textured beef.  

CEV Multimedia, Ltd., recently released a video on lean finely textured beef (LFTB), a segment within iCEV’s newly launched “Hot Topic” series, educating people on the facts of LFTB and crushing myths associated with the “Pink Slime” controversy.

The LFTB segment features Janeal Yancey, University of Arkansas, and Dale Woerner, Colorado State University (CSU), who dive into the controversy, explain the process of LFTB and discuss the popular misconceptions of “Pink Slime.”

The segment is one of many titles within iCEV’s “Hot Topic” series, which allows subscribers a convenient way of staying up to date with the latest industry news with quick, educational video clips.

“The Hot Topic series is designed to spotlight experts from the industry and academia to present facts about the latest headlines in their area,” says Megan O’Quinn, iCEV agricultural science brand manager.

iCEV will regularly feature current hot topics in agricultural sciences. Future titles include:

• Steroid Implants in Beef Cattle, featuring Daryl Tatum, CSU, and Brad Johnson, Texas Tech University (TTU).

• Antibiotic Use in Food Animals, featuring Frank Garry, CSU.

• The Food Industry, featuring Paul Heinrich, CEO of Encore Food Solutions

• Muscle Growth Research, featuring Jessica Starkey, TTU.

• Non-0157 H7 STEC, featuring John Sofos, CSU.

• Food Safety, featuring Mindy Brashears and Kendra Nightingale, both of TTU.

To view the LFTB video clip, click here.

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