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Perfect Human Diet Is Recipe For Good Health

Article-Perfect Human Diet Is Recipe For Good Health

Perfect Human Diet Is Recipe For Good Health
In his film, Charles Hunt contends that our population hasn’t evolved to the modern agriculture revolution; thus, the human population can’t properly digest processed foods from grains and fats derived from vegetable oils.

There’s a growing movement that believes the conventional wisdom of eating “everything in moderation” is simply wrong. Perhaps achieving optimal health is as simple as drawings on the cave wall – eat like our ancestors and live a long, healthy life, with meat as the primary source of fuel.

I recently watched a new documentary, “In Search of the Perfect Human Diet” by journalist Charles J. Hunt. Hunt was inspired by his near-death experience in 1978, when paramedics revived him following a full cardiac arrest suffered while jogging. He was 24. With a second chance at life, Hunt traveled through time to find solutions to the current epidemic of obesity and its related chronic diseases.

“The confusion for most Americans is we see and hear so much contradictory advice, that we don’t really understand what to eat for optimal health. How can we deal with a national obesity epidemic when we don’t even know how to lose our own excess fat?” Hunt asks.

This reporter can relate to Hunt’s contentions, as I am one of those people who constantly gained weight despite diligent dieting and exercise. I was sick and tired, but a diagnosis of an autoimmune disorder related to gluten – a protein derived from wheat – changed all that for me.

When I cut grains from my diet, I discovered the concept of eating like a caveman and was amazed how quickly the weight came off and how easily I was able to manage my health.

I realize espousing one food group over another is a recipe for a heated, politically charged debate. In fact, Barry Sears, author of “The Zone Diet,” says there are three “visceral” things in life – religion, politics and nutrition. “They’re all based on belief systems and none like to be challenged.”

In his film, Hunt contends that our population hasn’t evolved to the modern agriculture revolution; thus, the human population can’t properly digest processed foods from grains and fats derived from vegetable oils. His documentary concludes that beef is a superfood, and Hunt hopes more Americans will challenge conventional wisdom and explore the perfect food diet, where beef is king!

Here are a few points covered in Hunt’s film that health-conscious consumers should keep in mind as you plan your diet for optimal health.

• “Our nutritional requirements are shaped by evolution. The evolution of the human brain was dependent on eating animal foods,” says Loren Cordain, author of “The Paleo Diet.”

• “For the first modern humans, they were preoccupied with finding food and hunting animals; our ancestors were very tall, strong, healthy people. From farmers, we are now suffering a mis-adapation; we are not meant to consume so much cereal and sugar,” says Jean-Jacques Hublin, director of the Department of Human Evolution at the Max Planck Institute for Evolution.

• “I tell my patients it’s nice to know improvement is possible by eating this way. Every year the doctor adds a new pill to the list and hope starts to fade. Nutritionists say today’s children won’t outlive their parents because they have never had good nutrition. Hopefully, we can turn this around,” says Lane Sebring, board examiner for the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

“Animal fats andproteins are irreplaceable in an optimal human diet. This knowledge is a game changer,” Hunt concludes.

May marks the beginning of the summer grilling season, and “In Search of the Perfect Human Diet” highlights the health benefits of focusing on animal protein as the ideal fuel source for optimal nutrition. So, throw on an extra t-bone and enjoy it, knowing it’s the perfect solution to meet your dietary needs!

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Amanda Radke is a South Dakota rancher and Editor of BEEF Daily.

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