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Beef, climate change and plant alternatives

The Around Farm Progress podcast covers a wide range of beef topics with BEEF Magazine Blogger Amanda Radke

Beef, it's on the grill this summer. But there's more going on with the beef industry, from how to cook the high-quality protein properly, to climate change, to a changing competitive landscape.

To explore those topics, in this episode of the podcast Around Farm Progress, Amanda Radke, long-time blogger for BEEF Magazine offers insight on a few hot topics, from grilling resources, to climate change and she even discusses the marketing approaches taken by meat-alternative companies. Oh, and she has an up-and-coming competitor in promoting beef, her daughter Scarlett.

Check out one of Scarlett's cooking videos produced by the South Dakota Beef Industry Council.

Carsten Koall/Getty Images; Sign: Willie Vogtgrill-impossible.jpg

MAKING A STATEMENT: On the left is a great shot of a juicy steak on the grill, but during the podcast Amanda Radke also discussed the marketing approaches for companies pushing meat alternatives. The sign on the right is referenced during the podcast, and shows the marketing approach for one firm.

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