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Linking planting and tillage equipment

Slideshow: This roundup covers two key operations on the farm with new tools and innovations.

Planting and tillage must be done properly to guarantee a payday. And innovation continues in these areas as companies look at more ways to boost efficiency and cover more ground in a day. With the rise of severe weather in some parts of the world, fewer planting and seeding days put pressure on farm managers.

On the tillage side, flexibility is key, as companies look at developing high-speed machines that can work in both spring and fall.

In this slideshow, you'll see some new ideas for planting and seeding targeted to large and small operations. On the seeding and drill side, the range of machines you’ll find is pretty big — from an 8-foot food plot planter to a 50-foot drill.

There’s also a new planter with high-tech features but in a smaller package for operations with tighter fields that want to boost efficiency. And you’ll find planter attachments to improve seed placement and seed-to-soil contact.

On tillage side

The slideshow gives a glimpse of two tillage tools. The first includes the ability to change the tillage angle from the cab to best match local conditions. From running quickly over the top with a shallow angle to increasing the angle and ramping up the tillage action, this tool offers fall and spring flexibility.

Another tool is a newer player in the tillage market. With a focus on covering more acres in a day, it’s designed to work at higher speeds while providing a level seedbed.

Check out these new tools some coming for 2023 to consider in your operation. You’ll find quick contact information for each if you want to learn more.



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