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Trending Headlines: Beef prices, carbon credits & supply chain issues

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What’s new in food and agriculture? We have rounded up the most recent headlines in today’s BEEF Daily.

Will food prices continue to rise in 2022? What share of the retail beef price does the rancher receive? Will the food supply chain crisis escalate this year? How are producers taking advantage of sustainability opportunities?

That and more awaits you in this week’s Trending Headlines.

1. “Record beef prices, but ranchers aren’t cashing in” by Peter S. Goodman for The New York Times.

“You’re feeding America and going broke doing it”: After years of consolidation, four companies dominate the meatpacking industry, while many ranchers are barely hanging on.

2. “A Colorado family tried to save their cattle ranch by betting big on rare birds. It’s paying off.” by Michael Booth for The Colorado Sun

Booth writes, “From getting the folks at Audubon to certify the ranch as bird-friendly, to selling carbon sequestration credits for the tall grass, the May Ranch near Lamar is modernizing stewardship.”

3. “This robot prints 3D-vegan burger to match your protein preferences” by Anna Starostinetskaya for VegNews

Israel-based company SavorEat has developed a technology that changes the way meat, vegan or otherwise, is consumed with its customizable 3D-printed burgers. The company held a press event this week to showcase its technology which allows customers to order a vegan burger through a phone app which is then made to order by a robot based on specifications such as protein and fat content and cooked within six minutes. This transformation in the way meat is made and ordered allows for users to choose the size of their patties, their protein and fat content, and the cook temperature, all while eliminating the need to raise and slaughter a cow for meat.

4. “Food prices reportedly expected to rise in 2022” by Taylor Delandro for News Nation

From milk and coffee to cookies, increases in the prices of food products are set to increase in 2022. Food retailers and distributors say they will start increasing food prices as early as January; some say it could be up as much as 20%.

In December, overall inflation rates rose to 6.8% over the previous year, marking the fastest annual increase in the inflation rate since June 1982, according to the latest consumer price index data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

5. “U.S. port delays: Outcome of holidays could determine if supply chain crisis extends to 2023, experts say” by Bradford Betz for Fox Business

With the U.S. past the peak of consumer demand and the winter holidays nearly over, experts say the next couple of months will be critical to determine whether the supply chain crisis brought on by the pandemic will extend into 2023. 

The opinions of Amanda Radke are not necessarily those of or Farm Progress.



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