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Valley Vet Supply invites cattle producers to interactive vet panel

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Prepare for the changes ahead; join interactive Q&A from 1:30-2:30 p.m. Central, March 16, 2023 .

Valley Vet Supply invites cattle producers to attend an interactive Q&A discussion with Technical Service Veterinarians, Lacey Fahrmeier, DVM, and Tony Hawkins, DVM, for insights on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Guidance for Industry (GFI) No. 263, which goes into effect in June 2023. As part of the new Guidance, several antibiotics that producers are familiar with – previously available over the counter – will require a prescription from a veterinarian.  

“Guidance for industry (GFI) #263 is part of a broader effort by FDA to combat antimicrobial resistance (AMR), a serious threat to animal and public health,” according to  

Some 91 livestock antibiotics that were previously available over the counter will require a prescription from a veterinarian, thus importance is high to prepare cattlemen with information on the new Guidance, changes, misconceptions, and steps to prepare their cattle operation today as the June implementation date nears.   

Dr. Fahrmeier shared tips to prepare your operation for GFI No. 263, saying “I would encourage producers to establish a client patient relationship with a veterinarian, so that they are there to assist and guide you when needed. Working with your veterinarian to develop a herd health plan, including vaccine and treatment protocols for common diseases in your area, is essential to keeping your herd performing at a high level and minimizing disease. It is also a good idea to have a basic pharmacy already in place and know how to appropriately utilize those medications when disease or injury does arise.” 

Mark your calendar for 1:30-2:30 p.m. Central, Thursday, March 16, 2023, as Drs. Fahrmeier and Hawkins share more with producers in this live, interactive Q&A session. RSVP here and bring your questions as they help offer answers.  

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About the speakers:  

Lacey Fahrmeier, DVM, is a graduate of Kansas State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. In addition to her role on the Valley Vet Supply Technical Service veterinary team, Dr. Fahrmeier is a practicing veterinarian at a Southern Montana veterinary clinic, serving animals small and large. She places special interest in large animal reproduction and bovine lameness.  

Tony Hawkins, DVM, attended Kansas State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. In addition to his role on the Technical Service veterinary team at Valley Vet Supply, Dr. Hawkins owns a mixed-practice veterinary clinic in Northeast Kansas and is greatly involved in cattle health, including processing and obstetrical work, as well as providing hands-on care for horses and pets through wellness appointments and surgery.   

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