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10 Predictions For 2014 That You Can Take To The Bank

10 Predictions For 2014 That You Can Take To The Bank

It’s easy to get discouraged in life. There’s an old motivational adage, however, about how life isn’t a matter of how many times you fall down, but how many times you pick yourself up. And the truth is that success almost always follows failure, and history illustrates that, more often than not, it is spectacular failure.

Still, we often short-circuit our chances of attaining true success because we fear failure. For those who are fortunate enough to have faith in God, that excuse is even more ridiculous, because those who stay steadfast in their faith have the most powerful ally in the world at their side. Yet, I’ll admit that I have tended many times to focus on the obstacles rather than the opportunities.

The experts say that most New Year’s resolutions are forgotten before the month of January comes to an end. In reality, most folks don’t bother with resolutions. That might be part of the problem with failing to achieve everything you’re capable of – not resolutions, but setting goals. Clear vision coupled with hard work – and a little luck, to boot – can be rewarding, but you have to be in the game to start with.

You’ll never make the starting five if you don’t practice your shot at home, if you don’t join the team, if you don’t give your all. But if you do all those things and end up being the sixth man, what the heck, you still have succeeded.

I think I’m more excited about the upcoming year than I have been about previous years because I know this year is different. The main difference is that I’m not the same person I was last year at this time. Part of that is due to the positive decisions I’ve made, but the biggest change is the result of letting God work in my life. Don’t get me wrong; I have plenty of flaws and I’m a long, long way from becoming the person I want or should be, but with His help, all things are possible.

My hope is that 2014 will be a year of “true” success for all of you, too. With that preface, here are my 10 predictions for 2014 that you can take to the bank:

1. Washington, D.C., will continue to be characterized by gridlock, and federal spending will continue to outstrip receipts.

2. The economy will continue to grow, but at a depressing rate.

3. Cattle prices will be at historic levels across the board.

4. In those areas of cow country where Mother Nature cooperates, we will see historic profits.

5. Family, friends and faith will mean far more in the end than riches or fame. 

6. As long as Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are healthy and playing, the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots will be Super Bowl contenders.

7. Good genetics, good management, good marketing and proper risk management will continue to drive success in the cattle industry.

8. Our enemies will continue to claim our industry is harmful to the environment and our product is unhealthy, and we’ll continue to nurture and take care of the land, and feed God’s children despite their claims and the fact that they will do neither.

9. 2014 will be known as a year of tremendous opportunity.

10. The average person will look back at 2014 with realistically more regret than excitement because of the opportunities left behind, but a select few will step forward and make 2014 a landmark year in their lives.

Hope you have a great and prosperous 2014!


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