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15 Finalists In The “Home Is Where You Hang Your Hat” Photo Contest Announced

If you’ve visited the BEEF Daily blog in the last couple of weeks, then you have heard about the photo contest, “Home Is Where You Hang Your Hat,” sponsored by Greeley Hat Works. We received 75+ entries and have narrowed down the photographs to 15 finalists.

View the complete gallery of photographs here.

Congratulations to our finalists including: Jennifer Kreutner, Dean McMillan, Travis Choat, Marianne McCartney, Buzz Voss, Leann Martin, Greg Koch, Garrett Martin, Kylee Deniz, Amber Stephens, Marianne Easter, Connie Jo Mitchell, Wade Sanders, Naomi Loomis, and Beth Cook. 


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Now we need your help in selecting our champion and reserve champion photographer. The winners will receive a Greeley Hat Works hat, valued at $300.

View the finalists gallery and vote for your favorite here.

Whether it’s in the pasture, in the barn, on top of a horse, spending time with your family, or having a meal at home, everyone who participated in this contest captured what home really means. Home is truly where you hang your hat, and all of us at BEEF magazine and Greeley Hat Works thank you for sharing your photographs with us!

The opinions of Amanda Radke are not necessarily those of or the Penton Farm Progress Group.


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