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The 2 Best Super Bowl Ads Featured Farmers & Ranchers

Whether you cheered for the Broncos or the Seahawks last night, spent most of your evening filling your plate up with appetizers, stuck around to watch Bruno Mars in the halftime show, or you only tuned in for the 30-second, gazillion-dollar commercials, there was something for everybody on Super Bowl Sunday.

Admittedly, I’m a fan of creative commercials. Sure, I’m interested in the game if it’s a nail-biter, or if there’s an underdog worth cheering for. But give me a bunch of beer and chip commercials to analyze, and I could watch for days.


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I was so excited to see agriculture steal the show during the Super Bowl again this year (remember the “God Made A Farmer” commercial last year?) Many of the ads were shared on social media a week before the actual event, giving me ample time to watch them several times before the game even took place. One of my friends referred to this pre-viewing of commercials as “eating dessert before supper,” but I couldn’t resist. Here are my top two favorite commercials from this year’s Super Bowl:

1. Chevy’s “Romance”

Just as Dodge Ram romanticized America’s farmers in last year’s Super Bowl, Chevy featured a cowboy and his Hereford bull in a funny and very cute commercial this year.

The rancher loads up his horned Hereford bull in his stock trailer and pulls it with his Chevy truck to a pasture of waiting Hereford cows. The bull, ready for love, is eager to finally meet all of his ladies, and the cows are just as excited to meet their new leading man.

The opening lines went something like this, “A man. His truck. And one very eligible bachelor.”

It was a little cheesy, and there were a few moments of inaccuracy from a rancher's point-of-view, but it made me laugh. Plus, it was cool to see animal agriculture highlighted in a Super Bowl commercial once again. Apparently, not everyone thinks we’re all that bad after all!


2. “A Mother’s Love” by Monsanto

Kansas cattle woman Debbie Lyons-Blythe is featured in this commercial that aired in 20 major cities. The commercial shows the similarities between an urban mom and a farm or ranch mom.

It was a very touching commercial that really showcased how moms are very much the same, whether they are raising their children in a suburb, teaching them how to ride a bike, or they raise them in the country and teach them how to drive a combine.

You can read about the entire experience of filming the commercial here.


What did you think of these two ads? Did they represent agriculture well? Which commercials were your favorite from the Super Bowl? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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