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2009 Inaugural Legislative Beef Showmanship Contest

img_3251.JPG In efforts to build awareness of agriculture issues and events, the South Dakota Department of Agriculture and 4-H teamed up during the state fair to host a new event, the Legislative Beef Showmanship Contest. This high profile event had state legislators working with 4-H youth in a beef cattle event. 4-H kids taught their legislators the ins and outs of showing cattle. After 30 minutes of coaching, the 4-H kids were excused from the ring and the showmanship contest began. Not only was it a very fun event for all involved, but it helped create a buzz about agriculture to those that make the big decisions in our government.

img_3390.JPG Congratulations to South Dakota Senator Jean Hunhoff (R-Yankton) for taking the Grand Champion Honors in the showmanship contest. Reserve Champion showman was South Dakota Representative Charlie Hoffman (R-Eureka). Neither Hunhoff nor Hoffman had cattle showing experience prior to this event, but they quickly rose to the top in this contest. I had the opportunity to interview Jean about her thoughts on this contest and more importantly, about agriculture in general. Listen to my podcast below. Thanks to the 4-H kids who worked hard in this event. What a great way to reach out to the general public and our lawmakers!

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