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2010 Brings Fresh Optimism, Increased Beef Demand

img_0810.JPG The economy is turning around, consumers are paying the extra buck for steaks again and beef producers are finally seeing green after a few long, hard years in the red. Perhaps it's youthful enthusiasm and optimism, but I see a real future for beef cattle production; however, I'm not so naive that I don't have my fair share of skepticism, as well. I realize there are challenges that lie ahead, and it's thanks to all of you and your seasoned advice that I'm able to make educated decisions in navigating the obstacles that I face.

Today's newsletter further supports my optimism for the future of the beef cattle industry with two articles you might find interesting, "Cattle Producers Seeing Green" and "World Beef Production Expected To Decline," both discussing supply and demand and how that will reflect upon producer pocketbooks. In addition, the June issue of BEEF magazine features results of an exclusive reader survey under this headline: "Producers Are More Optimistic," which goes as far as saying the opportunities for producers in 2010 look "outstanding."

Do you share these positive views? How are things looking in your neck of the woods? What do opportunities look like for young people hoping to enter the business? How do you see the next couple of years looking for beef producers? Will competition from other proteins be a problem for beef demand, or will consumers continue to favor high-quality steak? What are your thoughts on this subject? Is my youthful enthusiasm misplaced? Weigh in today!

Also, did you see yesterday's post about the vegan who visited a feedlot and, surprisingly, liked what he saw? Well, now he has come out with a follow-up blog spot responding to reactions from both the meat industry and animal rights activists. Apparently, he felt the need to clarify on a few points. You might find it interesting to read his entry.