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3 Beef Headlines: Mixed Messages About Beef & A Look At Beef Prices & Cuts

To kick off the week, I’ve rounded up three beef headlines worth reading. From misconceptions about beef, to an interactive guide that helps consumers choose the right beef cut, to a look at climbing beef prices, here are this week’s headlines:

1. “4 Frustrating Agricultural Messages We Need To Fix” by Ryan Goodman for the Agriculture Proud blog

Goodman explains many of the misconceptions about beef in this blog. Here is an excerpt:

Goodman writes, “Lately I have been involved in (and observing) some frustrating conversations. We have so many systems at play in the world of agriculture right now, and people are fighting tooth and nail to gain an edge on the competition. Even if that means throwing our neighbor under the bus. It is incredibly difficult to be a person who honestly believes that multiple systems can coexist and do so sustainably.”


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2. “This Interactive Guide Tells You The Right Beef Cuts For Any Meal” by Melanie Pinola for

Pinola explains this interactive beef guide, which is a project of the beef checkoff program. It’s nice to see this beef information getting passed around to different media outlets.

Pinola writes, “There are so many different cuts of beef you can order at the butcher counter that choosing the proper one based on how you're cooking it can be confusing. This ‘interactive butcher counter’ will help. Choose your goal and your cooking method to see the recommended cuts. You can also see more details about each—nutritional information, recipes, and recommended cooking methods.”

3. “Beef Prices Expected To Climb” by Nicholas Bergin for the Lincoln Journal Star

Beef prices continue to climb, and thankfully, our consumers are still showing their love for America’s favorite protein.

Bergin writes, “Nebraska’s signature dinner centerpiece is being served at a record cost and experts predict the hefty price of beef to continue rising next year, if at a more moderate rate than the 11% average increase expected this year. Even after adjusting for inflation, beef prices are at record levels thanks to the U.S. cattle herd dropping to its smallest level since 1951. Beef and veal prices went up 2% from August to September alone. Prices will stay high until the herd grows. Expansion likely won’t be very pronounced this year, but experts are beginning to see signs of it.”

What do you think of this week’s headlines? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

The opinions of Amanda Radke are not necessarily those of or the Penton Farm Progress Group.


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