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3 News Items About The Atlas Blizzard

3 News Items About The Atlas Blizzard

It’s been about a month since the October blizzard hit South Dakota, leaving tens of thousands of dead cattle in its wake. Since then, ranching communities have joined together to help support the South Dakota ranchers who were impacted by the storm. Since then I’ve received countless emails from friends, neighbors, FFA chapters and concerned ranchers from across the country who all want to help or are looking for information on charities they can be a part of.

So to answer many of the questions, I’ve put together another round-up of news items and fundraising events relating to the Atlas blizzard. Here are three you should know about:

1. Eat A Dairy Queen Burger To Support South Dakota Ranchers

Dairy Queen® restaurants in South Dakota have joined forces to help their neighbors who lost livestock during the October “Atlas Blizzard.” The DQ® Relief For Ranchers week will be Nov. 4 – 10. At least $1 from every burger sold at 34 participating Dairy Queen locations will go to the Rancher Relief Fund.”


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2. Yankton Livestock Auction Market Holds Roll-Over Auction To Support Ranchers

Last week, the Yankton (SD) Livestock Auction Market held a roll-over auction to support the ranchers impacted by the South Dakota blizzard. I have received reports that the sale raised close to $50,000. You can read all of the details about the auction and how local teens helped to support the cause here.

3. Taking Care Of Blizzard-Stressed Calves

South Dakota State University’s Adele Harty and Ken Olson have put together some tips for caring for calves that are stressed from the blizzard.

“With the early October blizzard and unexpected death loss, producers are forced to manage calves differently than they would traditionally. One of the areas that this is most obvious is weaning. It seems as though more cows were lost than calves, which means some of those calves have been weaned by the storm, adding stress to an already highly stressed animal. As a result, ranchers need to give some extra attention to these calves to ensure their health and nutrition in the coming weeks.”

Read the complete article of tips here.

Do you have any information to share about the Atlas blizzard? Share in the comments section below.


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