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4 Beef Headlines: Chipotle, Ex-Vegetarians, Antibiotics & Hormones

Once again this week, beef has been a hot topic of conversation online. Keeping a pulse on consumer trends and perceptions, I’ve rounded up four beef headlines, ranging from Chipotle lies to a testimony from an ex-vegetarian.

1. “Butter Makes Comeback As Margarine Loses Favor” by Kelsey Gee for The Wall Street Journal

Cattle score a point in this latest article that shows how butter is gaining in popularity once again after years when margarine was king. Move over low-fat proponents and pass the steak with a pat of butter on top! It’s not only decadent, but healthy, too!

According to the article, “Changing views of nutrition are turning butter into one of the great comeback stories in U.S. food history. Americans this year are expected to eat an average of 5.6 lbs. of butter, according to U.S. government data—nearly 22.5 sticks for every man, woman and child. That translates to 892,000 total tons of butter consumed nationwide, an amount not seen since World War II. Americans in 2013 for the third straight year bought more butter than margarine, spending $2 billion on products from Land O'Lakes Inc., Organic Valley and others, compared with $1.8 billion on spreads and margarines, according to IRI, a market-research firm.”


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2. “Why I'm Eating Meat Again & Loving It” by Danielle Eva for Mind Body Green

Danielle Eva is a certified health coach who had encouraged her clients to go without meat -- until that advice caused ill effects on her own health, that is. Read her testimony about how adding meat back to her diet helped her thrive.

Eva writes, “For more than two years, I chose not to consume meat more than one to two times per month. Then something happened. My energy was low, my hair became dry, my skin was no longer glowing and I had a major magnesium deficiency. Not only were these terrible things happening, but I was actually starting to crave meat of all sorts. I ignored my cravings and didn't listen to my body for some time. I thought, I must be craving something else. I couldn't possibly be wanting fish, chicken and red meat?

“Then I started listening to my body! What has my experience been? I can’t even tell you how much better I feel. My hair is fuller and silkier, my skin is glowing, my energy is back up, I'm absorbing magnesium, and I’m feeling vibrant, radiant and full of life once again. One diet doesn't work for everyone, and it was so important to my health and well-being to start eating meat again.”

3. “The Truth About Antibiotics & Hormones” by Michelle Bufkin for The Truth About Agriculture Blog

Michelle Bufkin explains the use of antibiotics and hormones in her latest blog. Read up on the facts below and spread the word by posting the numbers on your social media accounts.

Bufkin writes, “Now for the part everyone is worried about, the amount of hormones that actually end up in our food. Research has shown that a 3-oz. natural, non-implanted steak has 1.39 nanograms of estrogen. A 3-oz. hormone implanted steak has 1.89 nanograms of estrogen. In comparison, 3 oz. of cabbage has 2,017 nanograms, one birth control pill has 34,000 nanograms, and a normal adult male has 136,000 nanograms of estrogen. All of these numbers are well and good, but how much is a nanogram? It is one-billionth of a gram, in other words, not a lot! To put that in a visual perspective, if you took a paper clip and then tore it into 1 billion pieces, one of those pieces would be about equal to a nanogram. A woman would have to eat 3,000 lbs. of beef/day to equal the same amount of estrogen in one birth control pill.”

4. “9 Disappointing Facts About Chipotle” by Deena Shanker for BuzzFeed

Chipotle isn’t a friend to modern American agriculture. Over the years, the company has done all kinds of things that hasn't endeared itself to farmers and ranchers -- from backing up the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), to criticizing the way beef and pork are raised in the U.S., to going as far as Australia to source beef that has “integrity.” The chain isn’t duping consumers either, as Deena Shanker points out nine ways the burrito chain isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Click the link above to read the reasons why Chipotle’s burritos aren’t exactly, “Food with Integrity.”

What do you think of this week’s headlines? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Have any news tips to send my way? Email me at [email protected] Thanks for your participation, and Happy Independence Day! I hope you all enjoy a wonderful weekend celebrating our nation’s freedom!

The opinions of Amanda Radke are not necessarily those of or the Penton Farm Progress Group.


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