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USDA wildire photo

4 Things You Might Have Missed This Week

Today, I’ve rounded up four news items that might be of interest to you. With wildfires a big threat this summer, it’s no surprise that half of the items are related to that topic. Read on and share your own items.

1. Farmer Defends Crops Against Wildfire. A quick-thinking farmer disked around a crop fire, helping to slow the progression of a fire. Fire fighters were quickly able to stop the blaze following the farmer’s disked trail. See the full video report here.

2. Goats Used To Fight Fires, Too. The San Francisco International Airport paid $14,900 for 400 goats to graze the airport to help prevent wildfires in the area. A company called Goats R Us has 4,000 goats helping to remove small brush on freeways, in state parks and under long-distance electrical lines. Finally, folks are starting to see that livestock help to nurture the soil and prevent wildfires through natural grazing!

3. Mad-Cow Scares Are Outbreaks Of Fear Mongering. One journalist writes that negative reports of mad cow disease has hurt the beef industry unnecessarily while scaring consumers about the meats they eat. She calls for a corrective piece with the headline, “Inspectors Fail to Find Cows of Mass Destruction.”

4. Backyard Chickens Dumped At Shelters. In what’s being called, “misplaced rural nostalgia,” hipsters in urban areas are abandoning their chickens after they stop laying eggs. Apparently, the idea of slaughtering these hens for supper is too much to stomach. Consumers today are so disconnected about where their food comes from, and would rather not know that their meat comes from an animal. Read Alan Newport’s column on this topic (Consumers say beef has an “ick” factor).

Do you have any interesting news items to add to the list? If so, share in the comments section below. Be sure to let me know what you think about the items I rounded up in today’s post. Thanks for participating!


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