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5 ways to celebrate National Chili Dog Day

5 ways to celebrate National Chili Dog Day

When we think of boosting beef demand, we often think about promoting the most popular cuts — T-bones, ribeyes, sirloins, ground beef and roasts. We give consumers ideas for marinades, dry rubs, grilling techniques and burger topping suggestions. A sometimes overlooked aspect of our domestic beef customers is their love of other beef products like beef jerky, heat-and-eat meals, and of course, hot dogs.

Summer camping trips, ball games or family grill-outs just wouldn’t be the same without hot dogs. For our family, having a two-year old in the house means we always have all-beef hot dogs in the refrigerator as a quick meal for a hungry toddler.

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While my daughter might like her hot dogs plain (with a side of ketchup), there are many ways to enjoy one of America’s favorite foods! Today is National Chili Dog Day, and in honor of the occasion, Hormel Chili sent me the most popular chili dog recipes from different regions of the country. Here are five ideas from coast to coast to serve as inspiration for your next grill-out this summer.

1. Southern Chili Dog

The Southern chili dog includes an all-beef hot dog, chili, pulled pork, barbecue sauce, creamy coleslaw, pickled jalapeños, bacon and crumbled cornbread piled high on top of a bun. Talk about a mouth full!

2. West Coast Chili Dog

Piled high on a bun, the West Coast chili dog features an all-beef hot dog, chili, avocados, cucumber, shredded carrot, pickled jalapenos, bacon and crumbled cornbread.

3. Midwest Chili Dog

I’m not so sure about this combination. Tell me what you think about the Midwest chili dog, which includes an all-beef hot dog, chili, spaghetti, Wisconsin cheddar cheese, oyster crackers, and chopped onion. Are they serious about the spaghetti part? Might be worth a try.

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4. Southwestern Chili Dog

This combination might be my favorite with the all-beef hot dog topped with chili, corn, black beans, red onion, jalapeños, quest fresco, guacamole and salsa.

5. East Coast Chili Dog

If you love meat on top of more meat, you’ll love the East Coast chili dog, which features an all-beef hot dog topped with salami and pepperoni, as well as provolone, chili, green bell peppers, onions and crushed red pepper flakes. Sounds like a winner to me!

Celebrate National Chili Dog Day by sharing this blog on social media, posting images of your hot dog grill-outs and sharing your favorite hot dog combinations in the comments section below. Thanks to Hormel Chili for the great recipe ideas!

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